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firstly, the honourable Voice Chancellor unfurled the flag and the national anthem was sung

and thanked all the participants including Controller of examination, Procter, chairperson of department, faculty members ,non-teaching staff, media persons, ladies and gentleman.

Today, as we proudly gather here under the shadow of the Tri -Colour flag high to celebrate our 77 years of independence, I extend my warmest greetings to all of you. Yaume Azadi, Aap Sabhi Ko Mubarak. This day, it’s history and significance is indeed a one that we need to celebrate.

For a nation to be sovereign, it’s a matter of dignity. 15th August 1947, resorted to the Indian people after 200 years of British rule, their dignity. It was a long struggle and therefore it is not freedom alone, but the struggle that needs to be celebrated.

The lessons learned during the struggle laid the foundation of Indian nation, well documented in the constitution of India. And then, structured and institutionalized in our political system. The ideas of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity bind the Indian nation It is on us to acknowledge that this strong foundation is the reason of our growth, beliefs and bonds.

India attained independence, it’s very difficult and challenging time in history. But the leaders of the time were hopeful. They saw strength in diversity.

India has established itself in a promising position. But though encouraging, the economic figures and numbers should not make us illusionary. It is only when economic growth is accompanied with development and that resources of the country are optimally utilized for the prosperity of the citizens. Then only we can achieve our full resolve of independence. Spending on education, health and other social sector is imperative for a strong human capital. The changing times focus should also be on green economy, digital skilling and artificial intelligence.

The Government of India under the leadership of Honourable Prime Minister has been making step -fast efforts in this direction with the Skill India Initiative, Digital India Mission, National Health Mission and many other social sector schemes.

Apart from its internal growth story, India’s international positioning has also been revolutionary. Our foreign policy endures national interest and collective growth. It simultaneously membership of the Ipsa, Bricks and Quad and its partnership with the ASEAN shows India’s growing significance and acceptance in global affairs.

As it holds the presidency of G20 summit this year, India has a golden opportunity to establish itself as a leader of global south and show the world a glimpse of India’s rich cultural heritage. With the theme of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, one earth, one family, one future, India has set the agenda of global discourse from the G20 forum.

India’s Amrit Kaal has certainly begun and if we fully tap our potential, this century will undoubtedly be of Indian century. As an Alig, the celebrations of independence comes to us with double joy and pride. As we recall, the contribution of our university and its alumni in the making of modern India,

a proud vision, a vision of society based on reasoning and scientific temperament and an educational system that could be transformational. At Aligarh Muslim University, it has been our resolve to serve that vision and progress in tandem with the country’s educational development.Our university is one of the few institutions which have successfully implemented the National Education Policy 2020. We have introduced the four -year under graduate program with a new basis on multi -disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach.

Admission to several courses has been successfully conducted through the common entrance test recently. We have added several new Courses, especially designed to provide better employability intra -paneurship and skill development, mainly in the specialised streams of artificial intelligence, renewable energy, green technology, biomedical engineering, data science and several biomedical courses, among others.

Keeping in line with the latest online mode of learning, the centre for distance and online education is providing flexible and innovative methods of education for independent learning to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Our focus also remains on women education and in alignment with India’s emphasis in its G20 Women’s Empowerment Summit to move forward from women development to an approach of women -led development. With the efforts and positive contribution of faculty members, students and staff, our university has been rank A + at the top ten universities in the NIF ranking 2023. While we have a lot of feathers in our camp, Amy has really a long way to go before we can realise the dreams of our fathers. And on the note before I end, I have a message for the students of our university. Freedom is not a gift. Neither it is mere absence of foreign rules. Freedom is a state of mind, it is a lifestyle, it is consciously being aware of our existence and road.

Freedom is a conscious mind, a conscious life and a conscious living. Like the strength of a country lies in the ability of its citizens, so does the proponeness of a university depends on the performance and resolve of its students.Times may be challenging, but your role is to inspire for Indians to be the best and unbeatable. Freedom to you stands on the other side of discipline and excellence. Aligarh Muslim university is not just a place for ideas, it is a place for ideas and institutions of hope, hope for the better future, for all. As you stay put in Aligarh for education, ensure that your approach is national and your review is global. Remember our Tarana, ” jo ab ihan se uthega o sare jaha pe barsega ” . As teachers, it shall be our aim and determination to provide a realistic and value -based learning experience with quality education.

Our mission is to meet global standards with significant contribution towards nation building. At Aligarh we look to challenges as opportunity and as the existing times are ahead for us, I am proud to be working with a team of highly recruited faculty members to inculcate the best educational values among our students. As I conclude, you know my personal role, I appeal to all the stakeholders, the staff and the students, to make efforts to develop our university.

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