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In the silence of souls, emotions converge,
Whispers of the heart, an intimate surge.
Unspoken language, profound and deep,
Stories of joy and sorrows they keep.

Colors unseen, paint the canvas of life,
Love, pain, and courage in emotions rife.
In quiet moments, their symphony starts,
Whispers of the heart, connecting all hearts.

Through time’s gentle passage, echoes remain,
Emotions imprinted, a delicate chain.
Memories woven with threads of emotion,
Carve a legacy, an intricate devotion.

Laughter and tears, like pages of a book,
Whispering stories, in every nook.
The heart’s silent language, it imparts,
Through the symphony of emotions, it charts.

In the heart’s secret garden, emotions bloom,
A world unseen, where souls find room.
Unveiling truths through tear-stained eyes,
The language of emotions, our soul’s ties.

Feelings unfiltered, a truth unspoken,
In whispers of the heart, a bond unbroken.
Eternal symphony, in each beat it starts,
Faheem ul islam, emotions connect all hearts.

© Faheem ul islam 

Author/ Public speaker

Student of international politics at ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY

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